Here to Support You

You may feel as though your whole world has turned upside down when you discover that your child has a heart defect. You are not alone.


Heart Beats was formed over 30 years ago to assist families in Southern Alberta who have a child with congenital heart disease.

You can access:

  • One-to-One Support
    Connect with families who share your experiences. Parent volunteers are available to provide you with support after diagnosis, before surgery and at other times during your journey. 
  • Group Support
    Share experiences and receive support from parents who are on similar journeys. Mom’s Night Out, Dad’s Night Out and Parents & Tots create opportunities to come together in a casual setting to discuss the challenges of raising children with CHD. For details about upcoming meetings, please see the Upcoming Events section of our latest Newsletter.
  • Peer Support
    Offbeats is an opportunity for junior and senior high-school youth with CHDs to connect and have fun with one another.  It is led by Offbeats "alumni" who can relate to the youth from their own experiences. Younger children can play with their peers at Heart to Heart meetings and during the various family gatherings throughout the year.
  • Information & Resources
    Keeping the Beat is a newsletter that provides you with the latest information regarding pediatric cardiology, resource suggestions, personal stories, and upcoming events. Our Facebook page keeps the community in the loop with news and updates.
  • Family Gathering and Social Events
    Opportunities to connect with other "heart families" who are going through similar experiences include our Annual Family Event during CHD Awareness Week (February 7-14), Summer Lake Day, September Family Camp Weekend, and Christmas Party.  Check out our current Newsletter for details.
  • Financial Support
    Heart Beats provides financial assistance to families who must travel to Edmonton for their child's surgery and to families experiencing difficulty meeting expenses related to their child's heart defect. For more information about financial assistance, please speak with one of the nurses in the Cardiology Clinic at the Alberta Children's Hospital.
  • Hospital Visits
    For families of children who are admitted at the Alberta Children's Hospital, special visits can be arranged. Sometimes speaking with another parent who has been through a similar experience can help with the feelings of stress and anxiety that comes from having a medically fragile child in the hospital. Please let us know if we can arrange a visit with you by contacting us at